Welcome to my site!

On my site you mainly will find computer graphic art. Either it is made using a 2D drawing program, like Adobe Photoshop or Corel Painter, either the image is made with a 3D program like 3D Studio Max, Alias Maya or Newtek Lightwave.

My site now contains sections with both 3D and 2D art. This is the wallpapers section. The Section work contains my personal works. These are only in 3D. Futhermore you can read about the software I use in software and in beeldroman you can find some humerous Dutch photocomics. Last but not least there is the section links where you can link yourself into a few interesting places on the internet. Under contact you can get some information about the author if this website.

There also is the section study. Here you can read some of my reports and/or articles I wrote during my study at the university of Groningen.

Have fun!